Our Team


Mr. John S. Lee. He is an enthusiast Collector of Antiques and an Entrepreneur who owns: Lee Funeral Service Limited amongst other investments in Kenya.


Robert Waweru Maina

Angus Parkinson

Chilson S. Wamoja

Auction Specialists
General Manager
He is a licensed class “A” auctioneer who joined Antique Auctions in the 1st Quota of 2002. He has a vast experience in auctioneering and is highly respected by other auctioneers and members of the Auctioneering Board of Kenya.  Judy Carr Hartley and Angus Parkinson come in as valuation experts and describe the antique and collectable items of the auctions we hold every two months. He does the day to day running of Antique Auctions and Coordinates all auctions and correspondence with clients. He has a vast experience in Operations and Marketing skills which he brings in the business and hence Antiques Success. He joined Antique in 1996.


 Gacheru Stephen

Jessica Akoth Were

Caleb Onsongo

Antic’s Coordinator
Auction’s Secretary
Auction Officer
He has adequate experience and exposure in different set-ups of antique sales and being the principle helper to Ms Judy Carr Hartley who comes in to value and describe the Antiques and Collectables. She is conversant with computerized auctions packages such as MS-DOS, Word Perfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and Database5, Excel 97 to mention a few. She is involved in the write- up and description of items up for auction and cataloging. He has acquired wide experience in house hold furniture auction valuation and the Antiques as well.

 George Ouma

Nesmus Odundo

Ezra Olack

Auction Assistant
Auction Officer
He assists in both Antiques & Collectables as well as the Homemakers auctions. He also has a Class “BCE” Drivers license and drives the Auction van. He has a wide experience in Antiques for many years having worked in Antique Gallery before joining Antique Auctions Ltd He is conversant with computerized Accounting and has a wide experience in handling auction accounts