About us


Antique Auctions was founded in July 1975 by Ms Sally Church. Ms Church was the first professional licensed auctioneer in East Africa especially with regards to her being a specialist in antique and rare pieces of collectables. She once sat on the body that regulates Auctioneers in Kenya on its inception as the Secretary.

Antique Auctions Limited started selling through auctioning property that is not necessarily an antique or collectable on a “willing buyer” basis dubbed the Home maker’s auction. The founder, Ms Church, sold the firm to Mr. John S. Lee who is a collector of antiques and has been a faithful purchaser through the auctions carried out by Antique Auctions since its inception in 1975 and in the United Kingdom as well.

The firm has seen a tremendous amount of growth and strength from its infancy stage when it only had three permanent employees. The firm is currently a complete, mature and stable establishment that boasts of being the most transparent Auction House in Kenya to date.


“Antique Auctions has been consistently ranked as the top Accelerated auction Firm in Kenya and beyond”

Complete service with honesty, integrity and accuracy provide the foundation for creating the “Standard of Excellence” – the corporate benchmark embraced by Antique Auctions for over 30 years of continuous business.

Our services include Conventional Transactions, Auctions and Sealed Bids of Real Property, Collectables and Personal Property. We also provide consulting services, appraisal and valuation services. The firm has been consistently ranked as the top Accelerated auction Firm in Kenya and beyond having conducted successful sales initiatives for the past 43 years .Antique Auctions offers services with proven results.

Antique Auctions is comprised of highly trained and skilled individuals with backgrounds in Auctioneering, Real Estate, Development, Finance, Accounting, Law, Appraising, Banking, Sales and Marketing. The Firm Chairman is Mr. John S. Lee who is a distinguished personality. He is dedicated to a superior code of ethics with the highest degree of professionalism. Hence our reputation has and continues to be built on one successful Sale and Auction at a time.

Our Mission

Is to offer good and timely services efficiently, effectively and affordably.

Organization structure

The firm is headed by the chairman and a major share holder, and assisted by a manager. Below the manager are all other personnel that include the Secretary, accounts clerk and auxiliary staff.


We have full capacity in terms of ability, knowledge, scope and human resource to do any auction that is offered us.